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Welcome to Binance NFT

Binance NFT is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange with monetary services. We depend on blockchain technology to allow shrewd exchanging and investment.

We consist of many tokens and exchanging sets with the main cryptotrades by exchanging. We also offer spot, margin, alternatives, never-ending trades, and mining.

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We use blockchain technology to assemble the financial freedom. We endeavor to remove boundaries, develop the crypto economy, to transform the financial future. We always enhance and improve our clientexperience to make cryptocurrency exchanging and contributing accessible foreveryone.

Securityis our first concern. We offer a protected, and stable environment for crypto exchange using the web and mobile applications. We embrace global servers,varied groups, different innovations for your support. Our services areconstantly custom-made for your requirements and ideas.

We were established with the extreme idea that anybody, anyplace,ought to have the option to effectively and safely exchange. We offer a trustedand simple-to-use for getting the an extensive crypto-economy. Userscan find it easier and start trading with Binance NFT and safelyinvest, spend, save crypto.

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Lowest Cost

Our trading framework acknowledges investors at a lowprice exchanging capital. Take part in auto exchanging with a deposit.

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Safe Contracts

We are an extremely safest and secure platform for investing and trading. We're working in robustness to pointedly reduce the verificationprocess. We esteem user’s safety and we are speedy attentive to global securitymeasures.

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Fast Blockchain

We offer a consistent and incredible trading experienceacross the significant platforms like web, Android, and IOSversatile, windows, and MAC Apps.We can deal with a huge number of exchanges with the help of block chain technology.

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makes it easy creation and deployment of decentralized downloaded by end-users from the application makes it easy creation

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half circle iconBinance NFT MARKET PLACE

Binance NFT has a strong focus on being a marketplace for people to buy and sell unique, single-edition digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade.

Binance NFT is a next-generation decentralized NFT for all types of marketplaces catering to the growing world of digital artists, creators and collectors. Binance NFT (represented by NFT Coin) wants to be the first truly community-run marketplace and believes that the diversity will make it an eccentric and truly one-of-a-kind project in the world

half circle iconBinance NFT Roadmap


Initial Research and Planning


*Team Building
*Advisors on boards
Blockchain Development Initiated


*Website Developent


*Team Expansion
*Marketing Campaign
*Seed Round Investment
*Team building for NFT Market Place


*Team Expansion
*Marketing Campaign Expansion
*Binance NFT Exchange Released
*NFT Market PLce Development


*Planning For IEO and Token Sale Event for BNT
*Listing on a leading Exchange
*December Presale Starts
*December IEO Starts


*NFT Market Place Launch
*Mobile Application Development for NFT and Exchange


*Expansion of the Binance NFT by adding top 50 crypto pairs
*Margin Trading implementation in Bitengen
*Listing on several top crypto exchange

half circle iconFAQs

Binance NFT is a BEP Token designed on the binance smart chain.
Softcap is $3Million and hardcap is $49Million
We reserve this Pre-Sale for the people who consider this as a long-term investment, When the sale was in live users can participate in Pre-sale by using their wallets, The purchase flow has been explained in Tokens section.
We accept BNB and BUSD for purchasing BNT coins.
When the Pre-Sale was completed, We will list BNT Coin in most of the exchanges for IEO, This is expected to happen in the month of January 2022.
The centralized exchanges on which BNT will be listed are Binance NFT, but we’ll also add liquidity on Pancake Swap, MetaMask and other wallets.
Yes, The smart contract was developed in such a way that users can earn additional coins just by holding them in their wallets, a 100% returns can be achieved in a time interval of 100 Weeks.
Yes, From the profits we achieved from our exchange we use them to buy back 20% of the coins in total coin supply, which makes relatively increase the value of BENG coin.
Binance NFT Market place will provide a crypto powered digital item and trading platform for the users to build, purchase and sell NFT traded against the BNT Coin, And also provide different services like Auction listing, Governance mechanism and trading History traking.

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